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Welcome to the ultimate One Piece shop : Mugi Store ! where only the best merchandise of your favorite anime series can be found.

Here, not only do we put the most affordable, yet the most durable and stylish items on the shelf, but we also apply the most creative combination of items that we can think of. It means that when you shop with us, you’ll have a better idea of the items that you should buy to come up with the best one piece décor for your room or your party.

The store is conceptualized targeting all anime lovers, especially those who can’t get enough of the adorable One Piece characters and scenes in the series, the videos, and the movie.

Who can get over the endearing part where Luffy gained the properties of rubber after eating that life-changing Devil Fruit, and that scene where the decision was made to explore the Grand Line and become the King of the Pirates?

These and other scenes are carefully captured in our collections consisting of action-figures, toys, clothing, and cosplay items. Our cosplay props and clothing items are made of the finest materials so you can wear them stylishly and comfortably. Relive the moment. Be there one more time!

We know that you like to surround yourself with everything that represents this world record-breaking anime. The series was first shown on Japanese TV in 1999. Not many years after, in 2004, it was licensed for an English-version release in North America.

Thirteen more years later, it gained the honor of being the best-selling anime series of all time. With you wearing or using anything that’s connected with the series and its success, you’ll be turning heads and be a hit, too.

We will take you to the world of the pirates, the giants, the dwarves, mermen, fishmen, and the most inspirational character of them all – Monkey D. Luffy.

Don’t forget Ronoroa Zoro. Catch the scene where these two friends (Zoro and Luffy) embarked on a journey to find the greatest treasure in the world with our merchandise. We want you to feel the same, heading off from where you are to our store where you can find your own treasure. This is the place to be – the Mecca of Luffy adventure lovers.

Whatever you are looking for, we have them – from plushies, to Phone Cases, to Women’s Clothes and even character-shaped candies and chocolates to share with your fellow One Piece lovers. We can’t wait to don you with the finest of T-shirts with flashy prints that can only give you that high-feeling as if you yourself are transported to that world.

We have everything including stickers and even underwear that bear your favorite manga’s symbols.

Check our incomparable prices and promos.  Visit Mugi Store and let us show you how to be the life of the party wherever you go. Be our honored guest and we will tell you exactly how you can stand out with our difficult-to-imitate One Piece merchandise : Luffy, Straw Hat, key chains, and pirate skull locket watch items!

Your shopping with Mugi Store is going to be a one-of-a-kind experience, because whatever you want, we’ll give it you. Even in the real world, One Piece still amazes us all.


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